Comfort for the Body, Mind and Soul

Comfort for the Body, Mind and Soul

Monocacy Health Partners Pain & Supportive Care provides physical, emotional, and spiritual care to patients who are coping with serious chronic or advanced illnesses such as cancer, congestive heart failure and COPD. Palliative care is sometimes confused with hospice care, but they are not the same. In both palliative and hospice care there is special emphasis on helping patients live comfortably so they can enjoy a high quality of life. When patients receive palliative care, they continue to undergo treatments to fight their disease or illness.

Dr. Jay Patankar and his colleagues collaborate with each patient’s primary care physician and other specialists to deliver palliative care that provides a better quality of life while patients deal with the physical symptoms of their illnesses and side effects of their treatments.

“Our goal is to help manage things such as pain, nausea, fatigue, and difficulty breathing,” said Tracy Ruzbacki, practice manager for Pain & Supportive Care. “But we also support the emotional and spiritual needs of our patients through counseling and holistic Reiki treatments that address the depression and anxiety that can come with being sick.”

Susie Carl, a Certified Nurse Practitioner with Pain & Supportive Care, describes the palliative approach to care as compassionate, holistic, and family-centered. “We know that illness doesn’t just affect one person,” she said. “Our goal is to make every day meaningful for our patients and their loved ones.” “When dealing with a serious illness, it is never too early to see if palliative care is appropriate,” Tracy said. Michele Davis can attest to that. She is a cancer patient who makes regular visits to Pain & Supportive Care’s outpatient office at Frederick Memorial Hospital. “I always say that my cancer doctors have given me life, but Dr. Patankar has given me a life worth living,” she said. “I just wish I had known about them sooner.”

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