Center for Chest Disease

The Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Clinic (MLCC) at the FMH Center for Chest Disease brings to bear the expertise of specialists in thoracic surgery, medical oncology and radiation oncology to provide comprehensive diagnosis, staging and treatment for our patients with known or suspected lung cancer. When faced with a cancer diagnosis, having the right doctors with the right expertise makes all the difference. Having them all in one place and seeing them all at the same appointment is a game changer.

Patients seen at the MLCC are seen by a thoracic surgeon, medical oncologist and radiation oncologist on the same morning, one right after the other. You don’t go from office to office and appointment to appointment. The doctors come to you! After seeing you, our specialists discuss your case and agree upon a treatment plan, guided by evidence based best practice and individualized for your unique circumstances. That plan is then explained to you and implemented before you leave that day.

We don’t just provide medical expertise. All of your care is coordinated by our Nurse Navigator, a highly trained professional who makes sure that all necessary tests are scheduled and completed, all results are received and reviewed by our doctors and all of your needs and questions are addressed by the end of your visit. Navigators do just that-they navigate you through the whole process, providing guidance, information and reassurance. We also provide services, such as psychosocial support, social work consultation and financial counseling. We treat you like a person, not just a diagnosis and strive to provide a truly patient-centered experience at the MLCC.

If you or your doctor thinks you might benefit from seeing us at the FMH MLCC, call our Nurse Navigator, Maggie Siebeneichen, R.N. at 240-566-4559.


  • General Thoracic Surgery
  • Da Vinci Robotic Thoracic Surgery
  • Thoracic CyberKnife Stereotactic Radiosurgery
  • Minimal Invasive Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS)
  • Interventional Bronchoscopy
  • Super Dimensional Navigational Bronchoscopy


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